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welcome to inner dimensions, llc…

inner dimensions, llc has the overall vision of empowering organizations and people to identify their own goals, create their own plans and paths, and maximize their own potential.
Our unique business techniques use one-on-one, small-, and large-group sessions to teach managers and employees how to develop communication skills, how to increase personal effectiveness, and how to harness leadership potential by

  • Clarifying each person’s purpose and role through the use of behavioral and personality testing tools
  • Enhancing interpersonal skills by providing each person with a better understanding of his or her personality and behavioral styles while helping each one to understand the styles of others
  • Learning to plan projects effectively and efficiently by considering each person’s personality and behavioral styles and the strengths and limitations each has

Whatever the objectives are, inner dimensions, llc provides effective practical tools to enable all levels to work together more effectively in teams—attaining the immediate results of improved morale and enhanced productivity—and encourage each person to swiftly advance to his or her next level of development.

Call or e-mail inner dimensions, llc today to see how our experience and expertise can benefit your employees and your bottom line.

“Ms. Porchia provides a fresh and inclusive approach to training that I have not seen before.  Training is well planned and designed to meet the needs of both employee and the organization.  I attended a training session with Ms. Porchia and the results have provided me with invaluable tools that have helped me along in my personal and professional growth.  Thanks again!”

Compensation Manager

“I want to thank you for all the classes you taught. I have learned a great deal from you, benefiting not only work but also my personal life. You are one of the best instructors that I ever knew. You have a special way of teaching that is interesting and convincing.”